Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Band stuff.

Schools out for the summer as of Friday. I have my portfolio show and Graduation festivities that day. Hopefully my summer will consist of sketching and biking and some reading.

This poster is probably one of my favorite things. We were supposed to try and design it without using a band photo, or things really relating to the band. So I just made it for their " fall tour".

I did this for work. The owner of the store/my boss wanted me to make mailing labels and business cards. The letterhead and envelope weren't printed, those were "just for fun". Those are hard to see, but they're not really that exciting so whatever.

Illustration for cd cover. probably too femme for the band, but it turned out well for the project.

cd cover.
that's all for today. I'll probably edit this later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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